Vehicle Donation Program

Vehicle Donation Program

Fast, Free Pickup

Your car can be picked up usually within 48 hours, and often even the same day.

If your car sells for more than $500 your receipt will be for the sale price.  Otherwise, you claim the fair market value of the car, up to $500.

Save money on your taxes

We don’t use a middleman

By keeping our process in house, we cut out the extra costs often incurred by other charities.  This means a higher percentage of your donation goes to support Mercy House Teen Challenge.

How to Donate

Step 1: Tell us about your car

Call us at 601-572-7296 to donate your car.

Step 2: Arrange a free pickup time

You’ll receive a phone call within 48 hours of your donation from our office.  During that call we will arrange to pick up your car at a time that is convenient for you. You don’t even need to be home when your car is picked up but either way, we will work with you to accommodate your schedule.

Step 3: We Tow your car

Once our driver arrives to pick up your vehicle, he will bring it back to the Auto Center for evaluation, and then depending on the condition of your vehicle, we will decide how to best sell the vehicle in the most advantageous way to benefit Mercy House Teen Challenge.

You are done!

Wait 2-4 weeks after the disposition of your vehicle, and then check your mail. You’ll receive your tax deductible receipt that you need for filing your taxes.

Have more questions?

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